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Jul. 23rd, 2017 09:08 pm
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Yes, it's time for a grumpy book review.  www.amazon.com/Vulture-Private-Life-Unloved-Bird/dp/1611689716/ref=sr_1_1 

Turkey Vultures are an everyday sight here.  The birds are elegant fliers, soaring through the sky, with very little motion.  They play; yes, they do.  Watching them glide around our big snag, across the meadow, dipping low before they ascend just above our fence line, trying not to flap, is the kind of thing country mice like me do instead of watching television.  Much more entertaining.  Even though I've been vomited on a few times, back when I was involved in wildlife rehab, I still love the species.  Plus, they do important work, cleaning up carcasses.  So, when I heard a podcast about this book, I requested it immediately from the library.

The book is supposed to be about vultures, and it is to a degree, but really, it's about this woman, her unborn baby, her perfect husband, all of her friends, her travels to see the vultures, writing exercises about a vulture family, and side trips into vultures in myth and legend.  I'm over a third of the way through it and have yet to learn anything new about the birds.  It's past my "toss or continue" limit, so it goes back on Tuesday, unloved.

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Jul. 20th, 2017 09:54 pm
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I think we ought to rename our place, call it "Gravel Bar," because there sure is a lot of gravel.  Expensive gravel, gravel trucked in from elsewhere in five yard increments, and gravel that's got to be most boring gray color ever.  Shovel, rake, and tractor moving said gravel from its various piles to other, smaller piles, which require the shovel and rake.  There is a good possibility that we're done with this particular phase of gravel-moving, but there's still a small possibility that we might have to buy one more load of path fines. 

Projects, they're what we're all about. 

Landscaping continues, maybe this is the year that the garden garage gets its doors and battens, and then there are the projects 2.0 that get spun out of the current ones.  The goal is to get this place to a state where it doesn't demand so much of our time, backs, and knees.  It's a good goal, a noble goal, but it's a moving target kinda goal. 

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Jul. 13th, 2017 03:28 pm
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Remember Edward Scissorshands?  I think I can now be tagged as "Weed-Eater Hands."  Or maybe something a little bit classier.  (Don't google "weed whacker," unless you want your eyes burned.)

It's fire season.  California's seasons are: fire, earthquake, and drought, except for last year, which was glorious rain.  The rain is part of my current problem, as with the lovely rain's arrival, so did all the weeds of our area burst forth and the grasses did grow and grow.  I live in a very rural area.  If there's a fire, there's a good chance everything we have will burn up.  '08 was a very bad fire year.  The summer's perfume was heavily smoke infused.  Neighbors up the main road were burned out.  So, every year, me and my pal the weed eater go forth and do battle.  This is after weeks of clearing around all the 100+ apple trees, so me and my buddy are well acquainted by this time.  We've got twenty acres of fence to clear.  ("We" being my Husqvarna and me)  There is also the drive.  It's a long private drive, a long and very grassy drive, a long and very grassy drive that is hilly and ditched and has to be done using the weed eater.  It's jolly fun.  Yeah.  Right. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure which, my hands can only cope with two tanks of gas per session.  Unfortunately (definitely unfortunately) I can take a long beak and go back to work.  They buzz for about an hour or so after a session.  Feel the buzz?  It's really quite weird.

And there's still a lot of drive to do.  But not today.  Today, I've already run through four tanks of gas, three large glasses of water, and a "Slammin' Salmon" beer.



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