So, I have a list of art projects and SCA projects that's as long as my arm.  No.....I'm sure it's actually longer than that.  I'm firmly in the "ooo shiny wouldn't it be fun to do that!" school.  Consequently the long list of things I would like to do and make and try.    I need a little focus here.

In the next 2 years, I'd like to try and complete at least 2 scrolls per reign, for a total of 8.  I'm working on Margare's Pelican now.  It should be done for presentation for Coronation.  I also have another scroll that just needs to be painted.  It's one of the Luttrel Psalter designs I did that Medb did the calligraphy for.  I've never painted anything in that style before so I need to really sit down with the books and figure out what I'm doing. 

I also want to enter the Lyondemere Arts and Archery art competition.  I want to put together a Caid Bestiary and I've started figuring out what critters to include.  I have about 10 months to finish those projects.

I'd also like to really enter Pentathlon next time.  :)  (Which is exactly what I said 2 years ago, though I got marginally closer this year. :)  I still have my list of projects and I don't think I will change much.  I'm going to start my embroidered knife sheath over one more time as I really wasn't happy with how it was turning out on the 34 inch linen.  I've ordered some that is 40 count.  And if that doesn't work, I'll give up on the flat silk. 

I also need new clothes, especially if I'm going to Pennsic.  I'd like to make a couple of linen kirtles and gowns and stuff.  I need to plan this out a bit more but what I would love to accomplish is at least one new skin-out outfit.
I took Friday off from work in order to clean the house because I'd invited my parents over for dinner.  Partially to have an excuse to clean the house and to show off the shelves I installed and the new dishes I bought.  Dinner was a success!  I made salmon and cauliflower and a salad. Mom brought a challah and Dad brought a bottle of wine.  I'd like to have people over for dinner about once a month.  It would be nice to do it on Shabbat, but I won't be able to take off on Friday whenever I feel like it.  It should be doable though.

I also worked on my black wool bodice and it was finished rnough to wear on Saturday.  I have laugh as[personal profile] aeddieand [personal profile] marymont checked out the bodice and poked and pulled and deemed in too big.  As both are excellent tailors they are undoubtly correct.  I'm goling to commission [personal profile] marymont to draft a basic bodice pattern for me.  I'd still like to lose more weight, I'd also like to have more new clothes.   The wool skirt and bodice were nice and warm at the event.  I should have worn wool socks as well.

The morning was beautifully overcast and I practiced a few flights with my bow to warm up.  About 6 arrows and then I hit the bullseye, so I decided I better not waste the good archery luck practicing. :)  I signed up for both the Archery event Tournament and the Lyondemere Archery Tournament which are separate.  The first round of the Archery Tournament was the Moving Target round, which I've generally sucked at.  I had one good end and was briefly in first place.  :)  That takes a while to run and there were 3 different groups to run through it so I went off to chitchat.  When I got back to the range they were getting ready for the second round of the Archery Tournament but the weather was looking for theatening so they started the Championship Tournament.  It started to rain in the middle but we finished off the round.  Not my best effort (and not my favorite end.  In this one anyone can shoot any target and an "enemy" arrow on your target takes points away.  That's okay for fun, but for not imo good for a Championship.).  The rain started coming down pretty heavy at this point.  (I think it was about 2:30) so we decamped for the Church.

It's a little hall and we filled it to capacity, but totally fun.  Lots of games and singing and talking and eating and Medb and I ran a little scriptorium in a side room and taught interlace (thanks Eowyn! :) and a little layout.  It was fun.  I stayed to the end and helped with the clean up.  I was home by 9:30.  

Oh and we (the we love the pope club) did Havdalah on the porch late in the evening and that was just perfect. 

Ooooo!  The sun came out!  It's shining through my window!  

And I tied Outwel for third place in the Archery Tournament and came in third in the Championship Tournament.  :)

Today I need to prep for the Arts and Sciences night.  Scroll Painting!   And clean a bit and relax a lot. 



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