You much as people hate and dread Monday's with the ending of the weekend and the return of the work week, there is something wonderful about them as well.  It's always a new start, a fresh start with Monday, an opportunity to begin again.

This morning I made scrambled eggs for breakfast, thinking that one of my big problems lately is not getting enough protein at breakfast and just being starving by the time it's lunchtime (and then the day getting worse from then on.)  Today, I feel on more solid food-ground and plan to journal everything I eat.  I mean everything!  All day!

I didn't get as much done over the weekend as I planned.  I'm beginning to think I have a low-grade cold from the war.  I thought it was just allergies, but I dunno.  Scratchy throat, sneezing, coughing, a little bit blah.  Hrm.

I cleaned house a little while watching the football game.  By cleaning house, I mean I mostly relocated art supplies that have migrated into the living room, back into the bedroom, where they are a mess but the living room looks a bit better.  I figured it would be better to have one room messy then two. 

Sunday afternoon I went to an un-birthday party at a friend's house which was pleasant.  I saw a few people I don't get to see often (and some I see all the time :)  Had to leave early-ish due to the cats.  Ah-choo.

Sunday evening, I gave up being productive and went badge-hunting on CoH.  I've gotten some of the Halloween event badges on Tempest Gold and some of the Zombie Apocalypse badges.  I still need Jack-In-Irons.  I swear in years of playing I've never even seen Jack.  I need a list of how many badges there are to get. 

Okay to my fresh new Monday.

P.S.  Still waiting to see if Thomas has read any of the Zombie Hunter webcomic and what he thinks of it.



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