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I want to test out some plans for a new scroll. It will take more than a night or two I think.
So I've been working on a scroll and over the weekend I wanted to do the gilding on it (as generally that needs to be done before it's painted and I *really* want to start painting). I thought I would use Instalcol which is a modern size that is ready to gild in a very short time. Utter fail. The gold only sticks in a few places and even where it sticks oddly another layer of gold won't stick. (I thought gold was supposed to stick to gold?) It doesn't help that humidity is like 10% the day I want to do this.

So I decided to make up a gesso based size based on one of Sylvana Barrett's recipes. She works in Southern California and her recipe has an adjustment of the ratio of fish glue and honey to compensate for the (frequent) low humidity. I decide I better test before committing to the scroll this time. First round, not quite sticky enough. I add more fish glue and more honey. Better, but I come to realize that this stuff needs to dry thoroughly before the gold is applied. Add more fish glue and more honey. Second test (after waiting 12 hours) is pretty good. Next test waiting 24 hours is even better. I have way more fish glue and honey in the recipe then is called for. :)

So, back to the scroll. Going to lay the size down in layers and wait a little for each layer to dry a bit before doing the next one.
The On the Spot Illuminated Capitol letter contest was a Big Success today! We had more interest than we actually had table space and I was running around like crazy trying to help everyone with their next step and what supplies they needed.

Notes to me: Reorganize Scriptorium paints into multiple smaller containers that can be spread out.

New brushes and better way to hold brushes so they don't get damaged.

Need micron pens for scriptorium only.

Need more Bristol board

Remember to remind people they need to bring chairs to scriptorium when making court announcement.

We had 3 youth entries (young ladies from age 10-13). Each one did a wonderful job.

I'm not sure the total adult entry count 6 or 7 I think. Each of which can be turned into a scroll. (My secret plan :)

Medb has them and will take pictures of each and post them on the Caid College of Scribe FB.

Margare scroll 25 May 001, originally uploaded by alizkye.

Okay then!

I need to outline most of it and look for detail spots I've missed, but it's essentially done.

It's really a morning to just stay in one's pj's all day. It's a little grey out there (and yeah *I'm* still in my pjs).

I'm heading over to CoC later. I have to gather up my jewelry making stuff, cuz Albra is teaching one of her fab classes today.

I went  to a birthday party last night for Morgan and Keradwc (who was visiting from Las Vegas).  It was great fun.  Good food, good conversations, though some of the people I would have really liked to have talked to were out on the patio smoking cigars and I just couldn't breathe out there.  It was pretty vile. (You know who you are :)

I turned in my scroll to Medb!  Yay!  And she showed it around to a few people.  And I won't repeat the comment that two of them made. Heh.  Hopefully it won't come back for any corrections.  (But I would be more worried about a typo in the text then a mistake in the arms which are pretty simple.)  

I made gum water this morning.  (Well last night and this morning).  I soaked some gum arabic crystals and water and sugar and it was all melty this morning.  I strained it out and put it in one of my new jars.  With a label even!  It's a darker color then I thought and it's pretty thick and sticky.  I wonder if I added too much sugar?  I need to find out what to add to it to preserve it.  Oil of cloves?  I've forgotten what Sylvana said in the class.  

Okay.  I'm going to poke around a clean a little bit and maybe do some sewing before heading over to CoC.




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