One of my neighbors died shockingly a couple of weeks ago.  He was only 10 years old than I am and he was an avid backpacker and ran 6 marathons.  They had a service for him today at the park across the street and there is a wake going on right now.  I just got back.  I learned more about him today than I did in the whole time we were neighbors.  I always liked him, we would often sit next to each other at homeowners association meetings and we would always say hello when we met in the hallway.  But we never had a real conversation and I didn't know any of his life history (or even what he did for a living).  That makes me sad.  I think I need to connect more to people around me, especially my neighbors.

So it goes.

I finished the layout for a scroll this morning, but when I turned off the lightbox I realized it's not quite balanced they way I want it, so I need to spend a little bit more time with it.  I washed the linen for my new shift last night, but it really has to be ironed before I cut it out.  But the shirt I was going to take apart for a patten really isn't the patten I want to use, so I'm going to either hunt around for the pattern (lost in this stupid place) or see if I have something else that will work.  



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