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I think I missed a few so here goes:

13.  Highlander Season 3/#6  -- First up we have "Methos", "Take Back the Night",  and "Testimony".  "Methos" is, of course, one of my all time favorite episodes cuz...Peter Wingfield.  He's wonderful as the oldest Immortal and he only gets better as the show continues.  "Take Back The Night" is okay.  "Testimony" starts the end story with Dr. Anne so yay.....that relationship just didn't go anywhere.  Adrian Paul and the actress had no chemistry together whatsoever.  

14.  Highlander Season 3/#7  -- We have "Mortal Sins" which is pretty good episode.  MacLeod in WWI working with the French Resistance.  and then "Reasonable Doubt" which again is not one of my favorite episodes.  I'm looking forward to the season 3 finale with Methos!

15.  Onmyoji II -- Strange and haunting, the production values are a mix of beautiful and ugh...what were they thinking.  The music is screechy to my American ears, but most of the costumes are very pretty (except for Abe no Seimei's which makes his butt look huge.  (Does this outfit make me look fat? :)  I love the feel of the magic in this.  It's not at all like the magic wands of Harry Potter for example.  Strange and haunting. 

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I pretty much didn't do anything today but knit and get Netflix screeners back into the mail:

Pooh....I typed this all out and then accidentally erased it.

11:  Highlander Season 3, Disk 5: "Blind Faith" (a twist on the Duncan meets bad Immortal, kills bad Immortal story, not bad)., "Song of the Executioner" (a classic of the Bad Immortal genre, carried over into: "StarCrossed" which stars Roger Daltrey as Fitzcairn who is excellent.  It's both funny and sad.

12.  Elizabeth: The Golden Age:  I liked this one way better than the first.    The art direction is wonderful and it looks right (though I didn't slow down and really look carefully to see if the details hold up.).  The women's gowns though.....just don't feel right to me.  Some of them are peculiar and over the top.  The male outfits mostly look fine.  While again, not a history lesson, there seems to be a bit more real history going on here, but just a bit.  There are a couple of scenes/lines that feel like Elizabeth.  On the other hand there are an equal number of scenes that would be right at home in Lord of the Rings or some other fantasy film of your choice.

  So....I was mostly useless this weekend:

9.  Highlander Season 3/#4:  Next up we have "Blackmail", "Vendetta" and "They Also Serve".  The first two were ho-hum.  (I look forward to them getting rid of Dr. Anne who sucketh.)  "They Also Serve", a closer look at the lives of the Watchers and to an important teacher in Duncan's past is excellent.

10.  Elizabeth:  I got Elizabeth: The Golden Years next on Netflix but wanted to go back and watch the first movie first.  I tried to divorce everything I know of the history (less then I'd like, but more than the average guy on the street) and just watch it as a film.  I didn't really like it much.  Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush are both excellent, but I can't help but think it would have been better if it tried to get closer to the real Elizabeth.  Divorced from the real history, the movie is unnecessarily murky.  As a history lesson, it's pretty fictional.  Oh well.

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Netflix brings us:

5.  "LA Story" - A little dated but a must see for anyone who lives in or loves LA (as I do). Steve Martin is funny as a weatherman and it's a charming, funny, sometimes poignant little story.  The scenes in the LA County Museum of Art are great.  Get it!

6.  Highlander Season 3/Disc 3 "The Lamb", "Obsession" and "Shadows".  "The Lamb" was an interesting tale of child immortals who don't have the strength and skill to battle adult immortals.  "Obsession" was forgettable and not great.  "Shadows" on the other hand, is a dark moody different Highlander story, well filmed, well acted and with a beautiful scene of Duncan performing a kata with his katana.  

Next up..."Sleepy Hollow"

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While everyone else is reading books, I'm watching films and television. :)

Netflix brings us:

2. Highlander Season 3, DVD 1, Episodes "The Samurai", "Line of Fire" and "The Revolutionary".  "The Samurai" relates how Duncan got his sword.  The other two episodes are rather forgettable.

3. Highlander Season 3, DVD 2, Episodes "The Cross of St. Antoine", "Rite of Passage" and "Courage".  I disliked most of "Cross of St. Antoine except for the Amanda/cat burglar scenes.  I didn't really like either of the other episodes.  I'm thinking that Season 3 overall wasn't great except that Methos is due to be introduced this season. 

4.  "Windtalkers"  Well.....I cried but it was utterly predictable from start to finish.  I really think I would have liked to have seen the Disney version of this, rather than the John Woo War Is Hell version.  I would rather have seen how the Navajo code was created and used and focused on the Navajo characters rather than Nicolas Gage's tortured Joe Enders performance.

Full List )

So while everyone else is being all educated and reading books, I'm gonna watch movies! :)

1. "Ringers: Lord of the Fans" -- A documentary about the Lord of the Rings fan phenomenon. It was okay but odd. I'd never heard the term ringers for LotR fans before and fans are almost always their own worst enemies when it comes to being interviewed. There was some backstory about Tolkien and some placing of the books in their historical niche, but over all it was a little embarrassing.



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