I'm still working on the patio. Yesterday, Lisa and I continuing stripping the glue and paint that was on there previously and then used an acid concrete etcher and rust remover which is a preliminary step before priming and staining. Today I need to wash the patio down as much as possible to remove the remains of the two previous cleaning products. The process is hampered by a lack of a hose on the patio so it's bucket brigade time.

I've swept the patio to see if I could get some of it up that way but I still need to wash it at least a couple of times. I borrowed my dad's wet/dry vac (actually he gave it to me as he isn't using it now (which is funny cuz it was originally a present from me to him in the first place). That ought to help speed things up.

I ought to try to get a load of laundry or two done as well, but I'll wait until this afternoon.


*Edit* Ya gotta love projects like this. I pulled out the wet/dry vac only to find out it has the world's shortest cord. So off to the store to get an extension cord. (Yes I have other extension cords but all indoor wimpy ones and I needed a robust outdoor one.)

Isn't that the whole history of projects though? Get started, find out you need X, go to store to get X, continue working, find out you need Y, go to store to get Y, continue working, stop for food, get back to work, find out you need Z, quit for the day, go buy Z the next day, keep working, finally finish realizing it took twice as long as you planned.

*Edit two* Okay...I'm done with the patio for the day. I think it's pretty clean, and if not, too bad. :) (I don't have Lisa here kicking my rear to keep working). I think I'll take the rest of the afternoon off! And rest up for a return to work tomorrow.



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