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Jan. 15th, 2009 01:13 pm
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This weekend was one of those double packed, no rest at all, weekends.

Friday night I was still finishing up scrolls for Lyondemere Anniversary and trying to get stuff packed up for Saturday.  I kinda failed on the last and got up in the morning to finish and was later on site then I planned.  By the time I got on site the Baronial pavilion was all set up (and the army of chairs was out. :)  I felt chagrined.

One of my neighbors died shockingly a couple of weeks ago.  He was only 10 years old than I am and he was an avid backpacker and ran 6 marathons.  They had a service for him today at the park across the street and there is a wake going on right now.  I just got back.  I learned more about him today than I did in the whole time we were neighbors.  I always liked him, we would often sit next to each other at homeowners association meetings and we would always say hello when we met in the hallway.  But we never had a real conversation and I didn't know any of his life history (or even what he did for a living).  That makes me sad.  I think I need to connect more to people around me, especially my neighbors.

So it goes.

I finished the layout for a scroll this morning, but when I turned off the lightbox I realized it's not quite balanced they way I want it, so I need to spend a little bit more time with it.  I washed the linen for my new shift last night, but it really has to be ironed before I cut it out.  But the shirt I was going to take apart for a patten really isn't the patten I want to use, so I'm going to either hunt around for the pattern (lost in this stupid place) or see if I have something else that will work.  

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I am remarkably disinclined to do any work today. There is nothing pressing at the moment (well....I should read the revisions for Drive, but it doesn't shoot until the 18th) and I'm feeling no great urgency to do anything at all. I'd like to be at home right now figuring out if I have time to make anything for 12th Night presents. I pulled out my Spanish Surcoat (is it surcoat or surcote or does it matter at all?) and I'm thinking about wearing that this weekend. I haven't done Elizabethan for awhile. I need to find my flat cap though so I can switch hats part way through the day as the tall hat isn't that comfortable (or stable).

My WW meeting was yesterday, I lost .6 pounds. I'm surprised as I thought I was up a little from the holidays and being sick after the cruise. I think I was one of two that lost weight. Go me. :) Our leader talked about re-defining success with a story about her son's high school basketball game where they were totally out gunned but they a) showed up to play and b) didn't quit and c) defined success as not being totally shut out score-wise and d) played their best and e) enjoyed themselves. In a weight loss program, success needs to be measured by more things than the number on the scale. We need to be proud every time our clothes feel looser, or we decline the "free" cookies that co-workers leave out or we journal everything we eat or drink all the water we need to. I'm proud that last night I picked one late night snack, counted it and then stopped eating. It wasn't easy. I have a habit of grazing foodwise all night and had to resort to lots of tricks to keep from going to the kitchen for one more little thing to eat. Constant vigilance.

I got up and walked this morning for about 35 minutes. I need to get up about 15 minutes earlier as I'm still ending up late for work. Not that anyone really cares. The gym at work opens in a couple of weeks and I hope I get in. They are taking applications and it sounds like there are more interested parties then memberships available. If I don't get in, I'm going to rejoin Curves. My plan is to continue walking 5-6 mornings a week and add going to the gym after work 2-3 times a week. I want to shoot for a minimum of 3 hours of exercise a week but 5-6 hours would be much better.

Today I'm going to lunch with a couple of people who temped in my department for awhile. Both are film makers and really cool people. Next week, I'm going over to see them film Standoff and have lunch with the production coordinator I've worked with off and on since Buffy. Should be fun.

Tonight, 12th Night presents and house cleaning. And a comic book run on the way home.



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