So, I have a list of art projects and SCA projects that's as long as my arm.  No.....I'm sure it's actually longer than that.  I'm firmly in the "ooo shiny wouldn't it be fun to do that!" school.  Consequently the long list of things I would like to do and make and try.    I need a little focus here.

In the next 2 years, I'd like to try and complete at least 2 scrolls per reign, for a total of 8.  I'm working on Margare's Pelican now.  It should be done for presentation for Coronation.  I also have another scroll that just needs to be painted.  It's one of the Luttrel Psalter designs I did that Medb did the calligraphy for.  I've never painted anything in that style before so I need to really sit down with the books and figure out what I'm doing. 

I also want to enter the Lyondemere Arts and Archery art competition.  I want to put together a Caid Bestiary and I've started figuring out what critters to include.  I have about 10 months to finish those projects.

I'd also like to really enter Pentathlon next time.  :)  (Which is exactly what I said 2 years ago, though I got marginally closer this year. :)  I still have my list of projects and I don't think I will change much.  I'm going to start my embroidered knife sheath over one more time as I really wasn't happy with how it was turning out on the 34 inch linen.  I've ordered some that is 40 count.  And if that doesn't work, I'll give up on the flat silk. 

I also need new clothes, especially if I'm going to Pennsic.  I'd like to make a couple of linen kirtles and gowns and stuff.  I need to plan this out a bit more but what I would love to accomplish is at least one new skin-out outfit.

So....I'm out of work at work (well the fun work).  I have no more scripts to go through (except one late animation script that I will probably do later this afternoon).  I told my boss I'm available for other things (and also the stuff I have on my desk that isn't time sensitive that I'm working on now).  She doesn't have anything right now for me, but I think I made brownie points by telling her I'm available.   (And lost them when I said I pretty much support the writers in this strike. :)

This weekend was Coronation and Queen's Champion both in Calafia.  Both events were held at a park in El Cajon.  We've used the park before, it's a really lovely remote-ish location.  I'm not crazy about outdoor Coronations.  Everyone did their best, but it's not my cup of tea.  I was standing just outside the pavilion that was rented for the occasion and I couldn't hear a thing.  I spent most of both days hanging out in the Scribal pavilion provided by Medb Renata.  I got a *lot* of painting done on a scroll and hope to finish it up by this weekend or next weekend. It rained a little bit on Sunday and I'm glad Medb wanted to leave early as I had the scroll packed up and in the car before it was more than a few drops.

After that, I'm going to finish my linen chemise.  I've sorta decided to alternate scroll projects and sewing projects.  The next scroll projects are a little design work on a Laurel scroll that someone else did the major design element for, a "model book" scroll design project, and my next backlog piece which will be Selene's Pelican scroll.  (I need to touch bases with her about the style.  We'd talked about a heraldic document style and I need to see if she still wants that, and if so what she wants for supporters.)

Tonwen took Elidih as an apprentice on Saturday in what I think was probably the best apprenticing ceremony I've ever seen.  The wording was extremely period and they had a written calligraphed contract to cut in half.  Elidih ended up with a fabulous song that she wrote.  If I ever have an opportunity to do this, I would like it to be much the same.  

I was glad to leave early on Sunday (about 4pm and got home a little before 7pm).  I pretty much crashed for awhile and then played CoH for about 90 minutes.  Wildstar is back!  He managed to get us killed several times by jumping into mobs without paying much attention.  :)  But the missions were set high and I was out of debt before I went to bed. :)



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