I have been traveling with the Grey Company on the trail of the Fellowship. The miles are long in the land of Eregion which is also known as Hollin. There are few landmarks to remark upon and the Company is largely subdued. There are only a few signs of the passing of the Fellowship and those seem set only for a Ranger's eyes.

(Eowyn Challenge, Rivendell to Lothlorien 462 miles, 82.7 miles done, 379.3 miles to go!)
I have at last reached the Elf haven of Rivendell! It has been a very long journey and I am much relieved to have finally reached my goal.

I have arranged for a meeting with Lord Elrond and have already learned that the Hobbits did arrive safely (well relatively speaking) and have left on some quest.

(Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 458 miles done. I started this on Sep. 29, 2008. 2009 was my worst year of walking since I started tracking these things. I'm hoping the journey to Lothlorien goes a bit faster.)
I have been walking through the Old Forest which is oppressive and strange and it is difficult to keep up my spirits (and continue to track the Hobbits through the closely forested wood).  After a time I finally come to the River Withywindle and Old Man Willow which tries to eat me.  I contemplate retaliation when Tom Bombadil arrives.

Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 98 miles done, 360 to go)
I've tried to think where a quartet of Hobbits would go if they were fleeing the Shire and needed to stay off the roads and I am left with one path, through the Old Forest.  The Brandybucks have long maintained a gate into the Forest and with luck it will not be difficult to sneak in that way.  With luck of course. 

Fortunately when I arrived the gate was not locked, so I was not forced to force or break the lock.  In the pre-dawn the Old Forest does not look much a threat and I move as quickly as I can.  

I shall camp tonight on the top of this knoll, though I am sure I will get little sleep.

Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 87 miles done, 371 to go)
I am still walking up and down hills in the lovely Green Hill Country.  Today I passed by a number of Hobbit children playing at games in a clearing.  It was quite charming.    I have plans to make an early stop today and spend some time with my pen and brush inspired by the beauty of the Shire.

(Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 26.5 miles done, 431.5 to go)
aliskye: (squirel)
I have reached the Green Hill Country and my path takes me now up and down the rolling hills and dales of the Shire countryside.  It is quite lovely.  In the morning it is cool and a light dew covers all and creates sparkles in the wonders of natures. 

(Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 20.5 miles done, 437.5 to go)
I left Bag End, jumped over the hedge and began to make my way out of Hobbiton towards Crick Hollow.  The heat of the day has faded and it is a cool pleasant time to walk.  I make it about 7 miles, looking back to the light of Hobbiton as I make camp on the lower slopes of Green Hill Country.

(Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 7 miles done, 451 to go)



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