I have at last reached the Elf haven of Rivendell! It has been a very long journey and I am much relieved to have finally reached my goal.

I have arranged for a meeting with Lord Elrond and have already learned that the Hobbits did arrive safely (well relatively speaking) and have left on some quest.

(Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 458 miles done. I started this on Sep. 29, 2008. 2009 was my worst year of walking since I started tracking these things. I'm hoping the journey to Lothlorien goes a bit faster.)
I have been walking through the Old Forest which is oppressive and strange and it is difficult to keep up my spirits (and continue to track the Hobbits through the closely forested wood).  After a time I finally come to the River Withywindle and Old Man Willow which tries to eat me.  I contemplate retaliation when Tom Bombadil arrives.

Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 98 miles done, 360 to go)
So I decided I want to hit 500 miles walking/running (hopefully some running) this year.  That's an average of 1.36 miles a day.  Right now I have 124.2 for the year, so to make my goal I need to average 1.5 miles a day for the rest of the year.  I don't think that is impossible, but it means I need to do as many 2 mile  walk days as I can to make up for the days where I can't (or don't) make it out for a serious walk.

I did 2.1 miles today. 
My travels in the last few days have brought me to  the end of the woods and into some farmlands.  I've passed through turnip fields (which can be quite lovely with enough butter and cheese) and have met and talked with Farmer Maggot.  He is most closed-mouthed and I am certain he is keeping something from me.  Perhaps the whereabouts of Frodo and his companions.  I bid him good-day and headed on to take the Buckleberry Ferry across the river.  At last I've arrived at Crickhollow only to find the house abandoned.  I am most disturbed and uncertain of my further road. 

Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 73 miles done, 385 to go)
I have been remiss in recording my walking adventures.  In the last weeks I have escaped from a Black Rider (though I am not at all certain that he was after me in the woods), encountered a traveling group of Elves and broken bread (well, waybread) with them, and continued on towards Crickhollow.

(Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 53.5 miles done, 404.5 to go)
It was cool this morning when I set out from my camp, but the day became hot and dry as the sun rose high.  I shall try making better time in the morning and early evening and spending the hottest part of the day sewing 'pon a new kirtle.  I've reached the Stock Road and will camp here for the night.

(Eowyn Challenge, Bag End to Rivendell 458 miles, 14 miles done, 444 to go)



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