I found and bought the book that [profile] eowyna referenced a few days ago in her blog.  I started reading it but I'm not into the meat of the system yet.  I'm not entirely sure that I'll go whole hog into it, but it's already given me some things to think about.  Just the concept alone of deciding what the "next action" is on the various stuff that clutters my life has been worth the cost of the book.  

Over the weekend, I largely cleaned out my inbox and instead of keeping all these papers (filed or not) I made notes in a master list of things to do and tossed a lot of it.  I also managed to excavate the floor of my walk-in closet and you know....that closet is way bigger than I thought.  :)  I really need to be using that space more wisely.  

I went to see Order of the Phoenix again, this time at the IMAX at the Bridge.  The 3-D part at the end was much fun.  The crying children and in particular the kid kicking the chair behind us was not.  We ended up moving seats.

Sunday I went to "Thomas Has Tools" which was a blast.  I was confused on the time and should have gotten their earlier, but Thomas took me to buy wood for a chair and got me started with the pattern and the cutting.  He bought the coolest portable saw.  We used it to rip the plywood for the chair and the plywood for a box that Thomas is making.  I didn't get too far along, but I did get both chair legs cut out.  I need to do the back and the seat.  (And then of course sand and stain the chair.)  I felt like I made progress and that's always a good thing.

Afterward Astridr, Astra, Elizabeth, Marion and Angelina returned from the CoC meeting and we went out to dinner which was wonderful.  Terrific company and conversations and I totally enjoyed it.

I was a little beat by the time I got home so I didn't do much.  But that was fine.



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