You much as people hate and dread Monday's with the ending of the weekend and the return of the work week, there is something wonderful about them as well.  It's always a new start, a fresh start with Monday, an opportunity to begin again.

This morning I made scrambled eggs for breakfast, thinking that one of my big problems lately is not getting enough protein at breakfast and just being starving by the time it's lunchtime (and then the day getting worse from then on.)  Today, I feel on more solid food-ground and plan to journal everything I eat.  I mean everything!  All day!

I didn't get as much done over the weekend as I planned.  I'm beginning to think I have a low-grade cold from the war.  I thought it was just allergies, but I dunno.  Scratchy throat, sneezing, coughing, a little bit blah.  Hrm.

I cleaned house a little while watching the football game.  By cleaning house, I mean I mostly relocated art supplies that have migrated into the living room, back into the bedroom, where they are a mess but the living room looks a bit better.  I figured it would be better to have one room messy then two. 

Sunday afternoon I went to an un-birthday party at a friend's house which was pleasant.  I saw a few people I don't get to see often (and some I see all the time :)  Had to leave early-ish due to the cats.  Ah-choo.

Sunday evening, I gave up being productive and went badge-hunting on CoH.  I've gotten some of the Halloween event badges on Tempest Gold and some of the Zombie Apocalypse badges.  I still need Jack-In-Irons.  I swear in years of playing I've never even seen Jack.  I need a list of how many badges there are to get. 

Okay to my fresh new Monday.

P.S.  Still waiting to see if Thomas has read any of the Zombie Hunter webcomic and what he thinks of it.

Not Dead!

Sep. 16th, 2008 10:33 am
Man, I haven't posted anything here in a long time.

I feel like I've been busy-busy, but I'm not really sure doing what.  And most of my good habits seem to have dropped off as a consequence.  Sigh.  What does it take to really establish a good habit long term?  Very frustrating.

And is it bad that I have thoughts of retiring from work in my head?  Not that I can afford it any time soon.  I figure I'll need to work at least 15 more years before I can really retire.  It would be nice to be able to have the full day, every day to do what I want, though.

I'm stressed about getting ready for GWW.  I have tons to do, and not much time left to do any of it.  I haven't a clue what I'm going to wear.  I guess I need to put my black wool bodice back together after taking it apart to draft  a pattern off it.  (And fix the arm opening.) 

It got quiet at work.  Everyone went off to the Tuesday meeting.  I guess I should get some work done.


sometimes my work is very silly:

from an email:

"I know that there are specific names pre-cleared for TV stations, telephone numbers etc.  But are there specific names for radio stations that we can choose from?  If so could you send over the precleared names."

my response:

"Radio call letters or frequency numbers?

East or West of the Mississippi River?  :)"

ETA:  "Dang....I forgot to add AM or FM?  lol
Favorite line(s) from scripts today:

Someone's been reading the bomb-making manual but they skipped the safety chapter. 

INT. WITNESS PROTECTION CLASS:  On the wall we see a sign that reads "Remember:  Pick a last name you know how to spell".


Aug. 24th, 2007 06:09 pm
Jeez it's been a totally f*cked up day!  I was supposed to spend most of the day working on this Rights clearanc especial project (which has a deadline of next week!) and I spent almost the entire day putting out little fires.  I need to teach the crews I work with to not bug me immediately after a research report from an outside company comes in, cuz, you know! I just might need a little time to look it over and I *might* actually be dealing with a previous crisis!

TGIF but I'm taking a script home to read and work on over the weekend.

I've decided that I can't wait any longer to find my missing shift pattern.  I'm going to take about an old shift and make that into a pattern.  (The old shift is really a shirt, I like them longer now, with (not great) blackwork on the sleeves but it's out of some fabric that must have a high poly content that I would never use now.)  I know the pattern isn't a period one, but if I make the shift out of linen at least part of it will be right.  I finished some (not great) blackwork to go on the collar and cuffs.

So weekend plans are:  

Start a new shift.
Finish the layout on a really simple scroll
Write an article for the Tydes
Work on my chair
Read a script
Write the memo on the script.
Clean my work inbox.

Relax.  :)


Aug. 17th, 2007 04:44 pm
I so want to go home.  I've been pretty unfocused all day.  I'm getting a little work done, but it's good thing there isn't anything major going on this instant cuz I'm not sure I could cope.

Half Hour News Hour got canceled (or not picked up, which ever way you prefer to look at it.).  They have two episodes left and I'm working on stuff for it now.  I'm reasonably caught up on everything else.

I'd like to be at home taking it easy and getting ready for the upcoming stuff over the next few days.  Or reading comic books.  Or playing CoH.  Or watching movies I got from Netflix.  Or pretty much anything.


Aug. 3rd, 2007 10:32 am

I really need this weekend.  Saturday is going to be mostly a me day (unless a friend who I haven't seen in a while calls and wants to do something and/or  I  go to a little party).  But I really want to finish some embroidery, find that missing chemise pattern, clean the house, make and mend and start a new shift.  I know it's Costume College and I've gone to help Joady and Jerry with it many times, but the last couple of weekends have been over-loaded and I really want to do what I want to do.  'Nuff said

I started walking again.  Two days in a row.  Go me.  I need to do some push-ups and weight routines and I need to figure out how to schedule that regularly and not just occasionally.  (Why can I never spell that word right?)

I'm pretty caught up with scripts at work.  A lot of scripts have come out early which is good.  I like to get them read and my comments out as soon as possible.  Though it is a pain in the butt when they re-write something and a lot of work is done for nothing.  

The one sci-fi is show continues not to impress me at all.  I really like the writing on Women's Murder Club and I'm going to meet the crew and check the sets on Monday.  We may be getting new shows in production as early as October as they want to have some stuff banked just in case.  It's going to be an interesting year.

Work Fu

Jan. 26th, 2007 06:25 pm
Did I say I have 5 pilots to read? I really meant 8 pilots to read. This is my own fault mostly. I usually wait until either there is a firm start day or the script gets magically delivered. But I decided to be all proactive and ask the attorneys and development people if there were scripts yet. And there are. In the meantime, I just got the next script for My Name is Earl which doesn't shoot until a week from Monday and the next script for 24, which fortunately doesn't shoot until Feb 20. I should be getting the next (and last) Standoff next week and the next Prison Break sometime soon. Oh yeah and Family Guy starts up again in a couple of weeks. If I wasn't so busy this weekend, I'd take a couple of scripts home with me to read over the weekend.
aliskye: (Shark Avatar)
I am remarkably disinclined to do any work today. There is nothing pressing at the moment (well....I should read the revisions for Drive, but it doesn't shoot until the 18th) and I'm feeling no great urgency to do anything at all. I'd like to be at home right now figuring out if I have time to make anything for 12th Night presents. I pulled out my Spanish Surcoat (is it surcoat or surcote or does it matter at all?) and I'm thinking about wearing that this weekend. I haven't done Elizabethan for awhile. I need to find my flat cap though so I can switch hats part way through the day as the tall hat isn't that comfortable (or stable).

My WW meeting was yesterday, I lost .6 pounds. I'm surprised as I thought I was up a little from the holidays and being sick after the cruise. I think I was one of two that lost weight. Go me. :) Our leader talked about re-defining success with a story about her son's high school basketball game where they were totally out gunned but they a) showed up to play and b) didn't quit and c) defined success as not being totally shut out score-wise and d) played their best and e) enjoyed themselves. In a weight loss program, success needs to be measured by more things than the number on the scale. We need to be proud every time our clothes feel looser, or we decline the "free" cookies that co-workers leave out or we journal everything we eat or drink all the water we need to. I'm proud that last night I picked one late night snack, counted it and then stopped eating. It wasn't easy. I have a habit of grazing foodwise all night and had to resort to lots of tricks to keep from going to the kitchen for one more little thing to eat. Constant vigilance.

I got up and walked this morning for about 35 minutes. I need to get up about 15 minutes earlier as I'm still ending up late for work. Not that anyone really cares. The gym at work opens in a couple of weeks and I hope I get in. They are taking applications and it sounds like there are more interested parties then memberships available. If I don't get in, I'm going to rejoin Curves. My plan is to continue walking 5-6 mornings a week and add going to the gym after work 2-3 times a week. I want to shoot for a minimum of 3 hours of exercise a week but 5-6 hours would be much better.

Today I'm going to lunch with a couple of people who temped in my department for awhile. Both are film makers and really cool people. Next week, I'm going over to see them film Standoff and have lunch with the production coordinator I've worked with off and on since Buffy. Should be fun.

Tonight, 12th Night presents and house cleaning. And a comic book run on the way home.



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