Just got back from a typical Sunday morning with the P's. They had coffee and a pastry at the Rose Cafe. I had a muffin and some non-fat milk. Then we walked down one of my favorite beach streets. (If I won the lottery I would buy a house on that street). Walked on the beach, went to the Farmer's Market (I bought some veggies and some flowers which I still need to put in a vase). Then we went to Costco.

So, if you are still reading, we get to some SCA stuff.

I've been trying to stir up more interest in Scribal matters because it seems to me we are at a low ebb in scribal interests. Last year, I tried to interest people in a Scribes Guild and it was roundly pooh-poohed. I think I'm going to try to interest people again, and I'm just not going to a) take no for an answer :) and b) think that I have to interest 100% of the people.

Eowyn is right that we need to train more scribes, but just offering classes isn't going to do it. We need to have mentoring and incentive, even if that is something as artificial as ranks in a guild. We need to build a community of scribes.

What I have in mind is taking the College of Scribes and giving it some dimension. I propose to have several different ranks along the lines of Student (completed 0-3 scrolls or 0-2 scrolls and taken 1 scribal collegium class), Sophomore (completed 4-10 scrolls, or 3-7 scrolls and taken 3 scribal collegium classes), Scholar (completed 11+ scrolls, or 8 scrolls and teach 1 scribal collegium class). The exact numbers are up for debate.

The most senior scribes of the Kingdom, those wonderful people who regularly teach classes and write articles and keep the scribal arts alive, I'd ask to be part of the faculty (and continue their efforts).

The College of Scribes would be headed by a Dean. This would likely be separate from the Scribe Armarius though it could be the same person. The Scribe Armarius would still be the Collegium Regent for Scribal Arts and have the primary oversight of scroll production of the Kingdom. The Dean would keep track of ranks in the College and set up mentoring positions between new scribes and experienced scribes. Both positions will promote scribal arts in the Kingdom.

I think the time is right for this. Certainly there will be some that don't think it's necessary and it might not be for them. This is to encourage new scribes. Do people need ranks to do things? Of course not, but people do need community, especially to continue with what is often a thankless task. The College of Scribes can be that community. It needs to be something more than a name.



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