Apr. 12th, 2017 04:28 pm
I guess I set this up ages ago and never used it. (Abandoned LJ and too much time on FB).
One of the things Shawn Achor talks about is journaling about one positive moment each day, but lately I've felt so stressed out, it's hard to find a positive moment to reflect on.

I'm starting in on the annual worst time of my job, which is pilot season where the work-load triples. So far, we haven't ordered as many pilots as normal but of course there is plenty of time to order more. I need to find the correct balance of working hard and staying late to get it all done, but not staying so late that I'm insane from over work.

I do have an office (after several years of working in a cube) with a door and a couple of very nice prints that I framed and brought it. I try to keep my work space as neat as I can, so I'm not overwhelmed with chaos everyday.


Jan. 17th, 2014 04:34 pm
I went for a walk yesterday at lunchtime, which I often do, but it was nice. The sun was warm and welcoming after being in an air conditioned office. It felt good to stretch my legs. I walked down Avenue of the Stars outside the perimeter of the studio lot, then down Pico to the front entrance. I crossed inside the studio, heading for the security kiosk and it always gives me a little thrill to be walking on to a major motion picture studio lot. A secret place where we make movies (and tv shows!). I flashed my badge and then turned to walk down the NY street which looked they were cleaning up after a shoot. Bones uses it all the time as does How I Met Your Mother. I walked up down a few of the streets to get a few more steps in for my Fitbit then went to get some lunch at the commissary which I took back to my office going full circle.


Jan. 16th, 2014 01:54 pm
So, I'm channeling Shawn Achor (http://www.forbes.com/sites/danschawbel/2013/09/10/shawn-achor-what-you-need-to-do-before-experiencing-happiness/) Look for his TED talk, and trying to be more positive.

I'm pretty much an optimist and generally a happy person, but I've been in a funk lately because I really want to be done with work. The work load has increased and there are some difficult people I'd rather not deal with on a daily basis. But I can't really afford to retire yet and need to give it another 4-5 years. (Math needs to be done.)

Shawn Achor talks about 5 things to do to create a positive "Tetris effect" of happiness. Two of them are exercise and mediation. I'm working on that. One is to a random act of kindness. (One of the suggestions is to write a one-to-two sentence email recognizing someone for their work or support. That's fun.) One is to list 3 things you are grateful for everyday. I'm doing that on Facebook.

The last is to journal one positive experience you've had over the last 24 hours. I'm going to use LJ for that. (I feel like I'm mostly writing for myself here, so it's pretty perfect. I'll save the Wordpress blog for project stuff.)

I'm not sure I really had a specific positive experience yesterday. (I didn't get a lot done but I organized everything and made a new priority list.) But I felt good. I kept thinking of things I'm grateful for that I can list on FB in the coming days. And I kept thinking of people I want to write emails to to thank them for their work, or thank them for their help or thank them for being an inspiration to me. And it all boosted my outlook quite a bit.
In the course of my office as Scribe Armarius for the Kingdom of Caid, I've been hosting Kingdom Scriptoriums at my house. While there aren't a lot of SCA people who live near me, I usually get one or two who show up. And while the condo is never super clean (I'm not the best housekeeper in the world), I try to straighten up so there are places for people to work and so the bathroom is clean.

It's fun to be able to have people over for a scriptorium. I don't always get a lot done because I'm trying to help and teach, but it gives me a chance to see what others are working on and also to foster, encourage and teach scribal arts which I really love. It always gives me incentive to work more on my own projects (which I tend to do the day after scriptorium once I clean up a bit after everyone has left.)

I hope to continue a regular scriptorium night (or day) even after I step down as scribe armarius.

Right now the schedule is 2nd Tuesday of the month and 4th Sunday. I'll probably keep the 2nd Tuesday night and do the occasional Sunday after I step down.
Notes for making buttons:

Always wear eye protection!
Prep stone for 3 part mold.
It needs to be flat and smooth!
Drill keyholds and set keys.
Use template for circle and carve perfect flat circle about in the center of the stone to a depth of slightly less than a dime.
Carve sprue and shank.
Do test pour.
Correct until circle and shank pour well.
Carve design.
Do test pour.
Correct until ready.
Cast as many as needed.

Try thicker stone next time 1/2 inch or so on each side. Try carving two buttons in one mold.

Rose buttons 013


Dec. 27th, 2012 02:39 pm
Yay! Finished a scroll. I'll turn it in on Saturday (and pick up the Scribe Armarius stuff from Tetchubhah.)


It's based on the Macclesfield Psalter which I really like, but I need practice doing the white white. Love my 20/0) liner brush but it only goes straight. Love my 20/0 monogram brush but it doesn't hold that much paint. I hate to keep switching brushes.

Okay.....on to the next scroll. Or maybe out to buy some food. Or eat some food. Food.
Trying to embed a bigger picture, maybe.

Cristal's Laurel Scroll
I can't remember if I posted the finished scroll here or not. (I know I posted it to Facebook)

So here it is:

I worked on it up to the weekend before Coronation (which was Memorial day weekend) and it pretty much sucked up my entire weekend. I did get out to the movies and dinner with a friend but the rest of the weekend was hunched over my dining room table painting.

I was disappointed that the house is such a mess that I couldn't work in my designated art corner but I started working on cleaning up.

I completely cleaned out my front closet last weekend and it makes me happy now to look inside. Yesterday I completely cleared off my desk (I still need to do the shelf under the desk but I can't really see that. :)

I bought 4 plastic bins at Big Lots and tagged them for toss, keep and recycle. The fourth one is for putting everything in that I'm working on at that moment. I need to pick the next spot to work on.

And today is role-play gaming over at a friend's house. We're starting a new campaign. And I need to do laundry and go for a walk when I get home. Full day!


May. 24th, 2012 01:21 pm
After many years my boss finally got permission to add more interior offices to our work space. Phase 1 is finished which added 1 new office and two cubicals for assistants in our area, and 2 interior offices in a department around the corner.

Today they started Phase 2 (the end of which I will have a new office). They took all the exsisting cube walls down. We've been looking at the floor ever since judging who was messiest by the debris left behind. :)

It's pretty amusing. Well, okay maybe you had to be there.


May. 11th, 2012 02:03 pm
I've been working on a scroll (which I waited until the last minute to do) and I'm kind of pleased with how it's coming out. When I realized I was running out of time,

I decided to do it in two parts; the calligraphy, essential stuff and main design now, the extra little bits later.

I've realized that it *really* helps to have a printer in the house that will enlarge or reduce stuff. I've used that 4-5 different times, to get certain elements to fit.

In other news, my weight is down a pound and I've been exercising everyday. I'm working hard at getting up earlier in the morning, mostly successfully.
I had a pretty good weekend. It was mostly gaming (which means sitting down eating junk food) but I brought carrots to both game sessions and at least on Sunday I didn't eat anything junky. Last Star Wars game for a while (I'll miss it) on Saturday. Next with that group, we are doing a fantasy campaign with new characters. Sunday was the Firefly/Serenity group (with a couple of missing people but we played anyway.) Both sessions were fun.

Sunday morning after a bit of a late start, I went with a friend and we walked on the beach and went to the farmer's market to the tune of 3 miles. So, I'm in good shape (I think) for the Aids walk this coming Sunday. And if anyone wants to donate money to AIDS research, here's the link:


Most of the rest of the weekend was trying to get the condo straightened up and trying not to give in to mindless snacking. I did okay on the latter, but not so much on the former. :)


Feb. 8th, 2012 08:29 am
I have just not been keeping this thing up to date at all. Life is busy busy busy. Mostly work right now going into pilot season. I was at work until almost 8 last night. I hope to get out earlier tonight but I have a big pile of stuff on my desk. In other news, I'm doing pretty good at the exercise and nutrition thing. My weight is down 10 pounds since mid-December and I'm pleased with it.

But I need to clean out my fridge and go grocery shopping. That didn't get done over the weekend as it should have.

Okay! Onward!
This is going slow: Painted in the blue base for the flower.

AEDM Emblem


Nov. 6th, 2011 06:20 pm
Stayed home from GC (which was just as well as it was rained out). Felt punko all day, coughing and achey and all that stuff. Didn't get much done today at all.

AEDM Emblem

AEDM progress to date.


Nov. 3rd, 2011 10:24 pm
We have buttonholes! Buttons will have to wait for tomorrow.

Just getting started on this:

Art Every Day

I want to test out some plans for a new scroll. It will take more than a night or two I think.
Okay.....didn't get much done today. I didn't get home from work until 8pm and by the time I got dinner and chilled there wasn't a lot of evening left.

Studio space

So I cleaned up my studio space, fixed the printer and planned my first AEDM project.


Oct. 26th, 2011 07:41 pm
Today's creative endeavor brought to you by spinning:


AoA Scroll

Oct. 26th, 2011 04:21 am
Darn it. I wrote this all out and it went away while I messed with the image.

Anyway, I finished this AoA Scroll.

Last year, I ran a series of illuminated capital letter contests. I never had a chance to do a letter myself while I was running the contests but I wanted to see how long it would take to do a letter and also what supplies would be needed and what obstacles might get in the way. So, I did this one. At Collegium, I had Thomas Brownwell do the calligraphy, which he did, right on the spot.

AoA Scroll

In case the image doesn't work:


ETA: Aha! Maybe this will work.



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