Jan. 26th, 2008 06:47 pm

The day could not have been more perfect!  I'm totally jazzed.

It was cold (I guess) but I wasn't due to thermal underwear underneath my costume (which included a new wool skirt which came out pretty well if I do say so myself.

I camped out in Medb's pavilion and there was plenty of help putting it up (and I'm pretty useless on this one as the poles are seven feet high and I'm not.

Everyone was aware that the weather might turn ugly at any moment but most of the day was sunny and only a bit breezy.  Opening court was delightfully short and fun.  The fighting moved along briskly (I guess :) I wasn't paying attention.

Medb and I held a scriptorium in her pavilion and it was everything we wanted!  We've discussed and talked and fretted and discussed some more about having scribal classes at events.  Because we were concerned that it was going to be damp, it seemed like not a good idea to try and work on good scrolls, so Medb decided it was the perfect time to teach a pencil and paper skill.  She has a bunch of Eowyn's Interlace Without Erasing flyers so that's what we did.  We put two tables together (my suggestion! :) and had space for about 8 students (10 if we squeezed).  We thought we'd only have  2 or 3 students throughout the day, but we had  or 9 in the classes and 2 or 3 that came by later on.  It was perfect!!!  Did I say that?  We taught for about 90 minutes I guess, going over the technique and how to adapt it for a scroll.  Everyone seemed really pleased.  We are totally looking forward to doing it again.

It started to get cold around 3 o'clock or so, and that was the signal to pack up.  We packed up, got some stuff in the car.  Closing court was around 4.  I left about 4:30.  There were a few drops of rain as I got to the freeway, and it rained a bit at my place around 5.  So, the feared for rain didn't happen.

And I have to mention Beathog cuz she wants to be in my blog.  :)  *grin*



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