I finished Margare's scroll and delivered it to Medb!

I watched 2 Netflix films (okay, I let them play in the background while I scribed, but they are (finally) heading back for turnaround.)

Thanks to spiffy friends, my internet is working as it should.

The house is a little messy, but I'm going to work on it for an hour or so which should help.

Next 2 projects:  The Ketubah and clothes for Pennsic!


Margare scroll 25 May 001, originally uploaded by alizkye.

Okay then!

I need to outline most of it and look for detail spots I've missed, but it's essentially done.

It's really a morning to just stay in one's pj's all day. It's a little grey out there (and yeah *I'm* still in my pjs).

I'm heading over to CoC later. I have to gather up my jewelry making stuff, cuz Albra is teaching one of her fab classes today.

I went  to a birthday party last night for Morgan and Keradwc (who was visiting from Las Vegas).  It was great fun.  Good food, good conversations, though some of the people I would have really liked to have talked to were out on the patio smoking cigars and I just couldn't breathe out there.  It was pretty vile. (You know who you are :)

I turned in my scroll to Medb!  Yay!  And she showed it around to a few people.  And I won't repeat the comment that two of them made. Heh.  Hopefully it won't come back for any corrections.  (But I would be more worried about a typo in the text then a mistake in the arms which are pretty simple.)  

I made gum water this morning.  (Well last night and this morning).  I soaked some gum arabic crystals and water and sugar and it was all melty this morning.  I strained it out and put it in one of my new jars.  With a label even!  It's a darker color then I thought and it's pretty thick and sticky.  I wonder if I added too much sugar?  I need to find out what to add to it to preserve it.  Oil of cloves?  I've forgotten what Sylvana said in the class.  

Okay.  I'm going to poke around a clean a little bit and maybe do some sewing before heading over to CoC.




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